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At our Leadership Team Meeting Sunday night, we  talked about sharing resources we develop or we find as we are preparing for worship and sermons. Lyndsey, our Director of Discipleship, said, “Yeah, like show notes for the sermon.” So here we are, our first edition of show notes!


You can find the livestream of our worship service here.


We are in the second week of our series, “In the Neighborhood: The Gospel According to Mr. Rogers.” This week we looked at Mr. Roger’s instructions on kindness through the lens of Jesus’ teaching on prayer in Luke 11:5-8.




We looked at how Jesus depicts kindness of neighbors in this parable that depicts God’s kindness toward us in prayer. We saw how kindness in the way of Jesus grows and is revealed in three ways:

  • Persistence. The man kept knocking on the neighbors door until he received what he needed. Kindness is persistent – we don’t’ nurture and develop kindness by engaging in kind acts once but by engaging it over and over and over again.
  • Being Other-focused. Kindness is shown when it places the needs of others above our own needs. If we engage in acts of kindness to earn favors or to get something in return, then it’s not Jesus-centered kindness. Kindness means placing others ahead of our own comfort and privilege.
  • Being Brave. Jesus-centered kindness is bold and sometimes takes courage. When we extend ourselves toward others in ways that makes us nervous or scared, we can rely on the Holy Spirit to give us the bravery we need.


We also talked about how kindness isn’t weak or being a pushover – it’s a bold, Holy Spirit-filled, powerful choice that reflect the character of God.


Here are some of the examples and images I referred to.


Mr. Rogers’ definition of kindness: Responding to the needs of others. Here’s a clip of him discussing kindness.


The simultaneous objectification and invisibility of African-American women:



Charles giving Dad Hugs

Free Hugs

Charles and Louise Monteith offering free mom and dad hugs at Charleston’s 2018 Pride Parade.

Wendy Hudson-Jacoby

Wendy Hudson-Jacoby is the Pastor of Two Rivers Church in Charleston, SC. As a life-long United Methodist, she spent her formative years worshiping at First United Methodist Church, Lancaster. She attended the University of South Carolina, where she majored in print journalism. After graduating, she served as a young adult missionary through the Board of Global Ministries of the United Methodist Church and spent 18 months in Mumbai, India, and 18 months in Philadelphia. She attended Wesley Theological Seminary and spent her first seven years of full-time ministry in the Eastern Pennsylvania Annual Conference. She returned to her home state in 2011 to become the pastor of North Charleston United Methodist Church. In July 2017, their family moved to Clements Ferry Road to start Two Rivers Church, South Carolina’s newest United Methodist Church.

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