Have you ever seen the posts on Instagram or Facebook by Humans of New York? The site was started by a photographer in 2010 to capture brief stories of 10,000 residents of New York City. Almost a decade later, it’s morphed into a life of its own, spawning different variations in cities all around the world.


We want to bring you a new feature we call Humans of Two Rivers Church! Come meet some of the folks who call Two Rivers Church their faith home.


Our first Human is Katie McCracken. She and her son, Malcolm, attended our first worship service in March 2018, and Katie now serves on our leadership team. We asked Katie to share with us about this season, fall, and how she experiences the Divine in it.


How does the fall make you feel and why?

This may sound strange but I have always loved the fall because of how very melancholy it makes me feel. Hearing the geese calling as they take to the skies, seeing the outlines of increasingly bare branches against the silver twilight, crunching leaves beneath my feet releasing the smell of decay – it’s all so lonely and empty. During the fall there is an ache in my chest for months on end, a longing for something or someplace that I can’t quite identify. It’s so easy to drift through our days thinking, if we think about it at all, that we are just bodies and minds, but when I have this throbbing in my chest that I can’t ignore, it’s like my soul is calling out to me like the migrating geese. It think this is why I’ve always loved the fall: that ache it brings makes me know with complete certainty that I have a soul.


What about you, Malcolm? How does the fall make you feel and why? 

Happy!!! Because PUMPKINS!!!



Wendy Hudson-Jacoby

Wendy Hudson-Jacoby is the Pastor of Two Rivers Church in Charleston, SC. As a life-long United Methodist, she spent her formative years worshiping at First United Methodist Church, Lancaster. She attended the University of South Carolina, where she majored in print journalism. After graduating, she served as a young adult missionary through the Board of Global Ministries of the United Methodist Church and spent 18 months in Mumbai, India, and 18 months in Philadelphia. She attended Wesley Theological Seminary and spent her first seven years of full-time ministry in the Eastern Pennsylvania Annual Conference. She returned to her home state in 2011 to become the pastor of North Charleston United Methodist Church. In July 2017, their family moved to Clements Ferry Road to start Two Rivers Church, South Carolina’s newest United Methodist Church.

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Debby Humbert · November 9, 2018 at 10:21 pm

My little Buddy!! I miss seeing you two. Katie, I don’t like the fall for the very reasons you mention. I feel lifeles and empty. I see barrenness and cold everywhere. Having said that, I loved the way you described it. I could see and feel everything you described.

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