Lent 101

I spent several decades in non-denominational evangelical spaces where we didn’t really observe things like Lent. We talked very little about historical Christianity outside of the New Testament and almost nothing about the Christians and their practices that came before us. When I started attending United Methodist churches and heard Read more…

Why Vote?

So why vote? We vote because we love. We love the children in our communities who are being left behind in failing school systems. We love our LGBTQIA+ siblings whose very existence is being erased. We love our siblings of color who suffer brutality at the hands of legal systems.

Honest Talk About White Privilege

We took the first of many steps (and we will definitely make missteps, too) in our work yesterday when we talked about how the church and Empire (white American culture) have worked together to make white supremacy reign in both our congregations and in our country. Our conversation was just the beginning of a lifetime journey toward antiracism.