Sermon Show Notes for November 11

At Two Rivers Church, our WHY is to create a place for all who are on the margins of church life to find a place to belong. We will create new expressions of the Gospel for those searching for a place to belong. We will grow and expand our community so that belonging to God, to Jesus and to each other is the heart of who we are and what we do. 

You Are Not Alone

At Two Rivers Church, however, we embrace our vulnerability as a strength and a gift. Secrets only have power when they are kept hidden away. When we are honest and open about who we are, what we fear, and how we dream, we bring light into our places of darkness.

Finding Freedom

During the past several weeks in worship we’ve been talking about our core values, the ways that show and share our commitments to Christ with others. We say that at Two Rivers Church, we are authentic, beautiful, creative, vulnerable and inclusive. This week, we focused on our value of Inclusivity. So Read more…