Our caregivers follow a Montessori approach to Spiritual Formation. Using this approach, our staff is trained to help children slow their pace and grow their wonder with God.


We believe together we do more than we can alone.  

Children are an active part of our community; joining with you to nurture their physical, emotional, and spiritual growth is a priority.


We believe that when we take the time to ponder the mysteries of faith, we discover a deep nurturing relationship with God. 

We encourage our children to expres this relationship with God through art, music, and the written word.


We believe we are all on a journey, being remade in the image and likeness of God. This is a journey full of surprises and differences.  God’s Kingdom is inclusive of mental, physical, and emotional differences.  God is big enough to meet us.

We welcome all children and have created our learning environments to be as inclusive as possible.  We strive to educate our staff and families to see how God uses our differences to grow the Kingdom.  We are committed to creating a safe space for our children to express their fears and hopes.  This space is free from physical, emotional, and spiritual manipulation and exploitation.

We recognize the wide spectrum of emotion that children feel when encountering life. At times this is expressed across a spectrum of wild exuberance or tears of sorrow or quiet reflection.