Infant Nests

We have two infant nests located within the worship space. Our worship space is designed for you to be present with both your infant and the larger group. 

In our upstairs environment, we have an infant nest where our trained staff provide developmentally appropriate and more active materials. We encourage children to learn independence, exploration, and trust. We introduce the child to the prayer table and offer them ways to prepare it before having a conversation with God.

Preschool (0-6 years)

This learning environment is designed to help your child discover that they want to be a part of the community. We do this by providing a space to master the skills of self and community care.

There are opportunities for your child to explore Jesus’ infancy narratives, wonder around the gifts of baptism and communion, and ponder the Good Shepherd and his sheep.

Elementary (6-9 years)

This environment provides elementary-aged children a space to explore the moral parables of Jesus, ponder the gifts of God, wonder about the Bible, and share worship with the wider community.

Elementary children participate in musical worship with the adult congregation before heading to their learning space and return to worship to participate in communion. They often create art which helps the community participate more fully in the seasons of the church calendar.