Prenatal support

We commit to praying for your child as soon as you are comfortable sharing.  We provide our expecting parents a Montessori infancy guide, a prayer to set near your rocking chair, and a tiny person-friendly cross.  If you walk through pregnancy challenges, we commit to providing and support your family would like.


Two Rivers has a wonderful lending library, videos, and resources that are curated to provide wise counsel to both children and parents/caregivers.


Our staff facilitates conversations for our parents/caregivers five times a year.  These conversations are designed to provide a framework so that when challenging conversations arise, you’ve laid the foundations to be supportive and not reactionary.  Our 2021 Foundations Conversations are focused on human sexuality questions: porn, mechanics, relationships and center on setting up lateral conversations so you are ready for the more challenging conversations that are coming in the teen years.

Atrium in a Box

For our families who don’t live in the Lowcountry of South Carolina, we are happy to mail you two boxes of atrium materials with parent-led lessons so their children can enjoy their own in house atrium.