In our Atria, children learn about the life of Jesus, what they will see in worship, and Jesus’ parables. Encircling this is the community who all pray, laugh, and work together. Your child has an innate ability to hear the Holy Spirit’s whisper and find the pearl of great price that guides them in God’s love and grace. Our church then becomes a fertile ground for the growth of their gifts as they return to the wider community.

There are two Montessori learning environments – The Tinies and Littles (0 to 6) and the Elementary (6 to 12).

The Tinies are quickly developing and the child’s absorbent mind is learning the mechanics of their world. We provide Montessori materials on a monthly basis for our families and an open door for families to talk with our guides and have access to assisting resources. We have limited space in this program.

The Littles’ mantra is help me to do it myself. We offer short lessons for parents to give to their children at home.  These atrium-in-a-box materials come with instructions and all the items needed to set up a prayer table and wonder with your child about the mysteries of our faith. Pondering with your child leaves room for recognizing God’s love for your family in everyday life.  We also offer Zoom atrium from 9:00 to 9:20 on Sundays to support your child’s exploration of God. Our staff is only a text away for support.

The Elementary children are meeting on Zoom from 9:00 to 9:25 on Sundays. There they spend time setting up their prayer table and wondering about the great gifts God has given – Creation, Redemption, and the Eternal Community. 

We have many resources covering topics as wide loss and grief to consent and understanding one’s body which are curated to communicate well with children and provoke conversations with their caregivers.

For more information about parent and caregiver conversation topics, look at our Family Formation page.


Montessori Christian formation does not shy away from “big words.” Often these words were created to house a whole theology which to reduce to its smaller parts either diminishes it or simply is very long to write in total. More than likely, there will be terms that may be unfamiliar to you. Sometimes when we are given a new nomenclature, the baggage of our old terms falls away. Here are some of the “big words” that you may hear at Two Rivers.

Atrium: Historically, the porch or courtyard outside the church where classes occurred. Utilized here as a location that, when combined with God, children, and adults, functions with the same purpose as the early church atria.

Catechesis: The process of preparing a person to live fully in the church community.

Catechist: The atrium class is guided by the catechist. Our catechists are specifically trained in human development and spiritual formation. Click here to learn more about our catechists.

Sacrament: The outward, visible sign of an inward bestowal of blessing by God (grace) which is transformative and always involves the human touch.            

Liturgy: All cultures and people have rituals and traditions, written or not, which are followed with regularity.  When rituals are expressed in a church, they are called liturgies. It can encompass everything from personal prayer to Easter celebrations.

Mystery: Something that has a hidden aspect or meaning. Something that can’t be fully understood.

Atrium assistants

Do you have a heart for children and Jesus? Do you find joy and awe when a child discovers something for the first time? Have you been attending Two Rivers for longer than six months? Then speak with Elizabeth about serving with our team and about beginning your background checks and training.