Elizabeth Vice (she, her)

Elizabeth is a theologian and Montessori educator. She began her journey as an educator at the feet of her mother who loved learning and sharing what she learned with others. Elizabeth has years of training and education both in human development, Montessori pedagogy, and theology.  At Two Rivers, she combines all of these skills to assist the children as they live into the reality that they are loved by God; experiencing a deep connection throughout time by means of the historic church calendar and practices; and to be nurtured by the Holy Spirit and community as they find their place in the Kingdom of God.

Kanani Burns (she, her)

Kanani is the Head Human in Charge at her homestead where she bridges mindfulness with nature, animals, and self-determination. She enjoys teaching things from vegetable gardening, to raising livestock, and foraging in between.  She is fascinated with the process of helping children become mindful of their bodies and spirits.

Atrium assistants

Do you have a heart for children and Jesus? Do you find joy and awe when a child discovers something for the first time? Have you been attending at Two Rivers for longer than six months? Then speak with Elizabeth about serving with our team and about beginning your background checks and training.