Transforming the Seven Deadly Sins into Seven Healing Virtues

Gluttony, anger, sloth, lust, avarice, envy and vainglory—the seven deadly sins.

They’ve been personified on the big screen, memorialized on the side of shot glasses, and they serve as the foundation of every good ad campaign. As we reflect on our spiritual lives and prepare for the life-altering experience of Jesus’ trial, death and resurrection during this season of Lent, we’re taking a closer look at the deadly vices that shape our culture.

These vices are deadly not because they lead to physical death (although that is possible in some cases), but because they cause death in our spiritual lives, stunting our connection to God and one another.

Here’s the good news—we don’t have to live in the grip of these vices. Dying to our old self and being formed in the likeness of Jesus is how we experience God’s offer of grace. Through the power of Jesus, the vices that entice and distract us can become virtues that transform us.

All that glitters is not gold—join us for the six weeks that lead to Easter Sunday for our Lenten sermon series, Glittering Vices.

Gluttony | March 10

Anger | March 17

Sloth | March 24

Lust | March 31

Avarice | April 7

Envy & Vainglory | April 14

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