We look at Community groups as places where we make space for relationships to grow in authenticity and vulnerability.  We believe following Jesus together can be as simple as showing up. We also know that true friendship is hard to cultivate, that it takes a long time, and that taking a small step toward really getting to know someone can feel like a huge risk- especially when it comes to faith and spirituality.

In our groups we reaffirm that we aren’t meant to do life in isolation, that God calls us to be in meaningful relationships, and that simply showing up and taking a risk on conversation can make all the difference. This year we’ve launched a new lineup of community groups, solidarity groups and study groups. Community groups are listed by the geographical area of the leader but are open to all (currently all groups are meeting virtually).  Browse and signup for a group by clicking the link below. If you need help finding the right group email Nicole at Nicole@tworiverschs.org.