Yesterday, I preached about white privilege, white supremacy, and white fragility in the context of the church, particularly the white church. I was excited to bring this sermon to our church community, which is predominantly white. At Two Rivers Church, one of our core values is to be inclusive. We also are committed to being authentic, which meant we admit that we are not as racially diverse as we originally envisioned or as we want to be. However, we are committed to being fully anti-racist.

We took the first of many steps (and we will definitely make missteps, too) in our work yesterday when we talked about how the church and Empire (white American culture) have worked together to make white supremacy reign in both our congregations and in our country. Our conversation was just the beginning of a lifetime journey toward antiracism.

Watch our sermon here. We showed a video about privilege at the beginning of the sermon. The sermon itself begins at minute 20.  At the end, I referenced a blog post by our Director of Discipleship, Lyndsey Medford. Check out her eloquent and honest reflection on privilege.

Here’s a great reading list for those wanting to learn more about the work of white people becoming anti-racist.

I loved this podcast from Katie Couric (thanks for the recommendation, Ellen McAnnar!) where she interviews Bryan Stevenson of the Equal Justice Initiative about America’s horrible history of domestic racial terrorism through lynching. It’s powerful and hard to listen to at times but very moving.

just mercy.jpg

The Liturgists podcast is another favorite and this particular episode was amazing. I’ve referred to in conversation repeatedly this week. Wanting a primer on white privilege, the church and next steps? This podcast is your go-to.


Want to join in our conversation? Join us for Coffee and Conversation on Racial and Implicit Bias on Tuesday, May 29 at Cokesbury United Methodist Church. Doors open at 6 p.m. and a panel featuring professors and civil rights activists from around Charleston begins at 6:30 p.m. Childcare is offered.



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