In the Bible, God spoke in booming voices from the sky, in quiet whispers, in the actions of others, in the conversations of prayer and countless other ways. This month as we move through the darkness of winter where much around us asleep we turn our attention to the times when God has spoken through dreams and visions. In the Bible God shows up in the dark of night, in etherial dreams and bold, compelling visions of the prophets. We’ll study the dreams of those who have gone before us in the faith and also turn our attention to our own dreams and visions as we listen for what God is saying today.

The new year is the perfect time to try new spiritual practices or recommit to previous ones as you are making resolutions and intentions. Strengthening our connection with God, with each other and with our community changes our lives and draws us closer to living in the way of Jesus. This year, try some of these practices as you Begin (again) a life with God in our community.

Try a Read Through the Bible in a Year plan

Several people from Two Rivers Church are reading this plan in 2020. It is a semi-chronological reading of the Old Testament and the New Testament so you can experience the story of God in the rough order that the events are captured. There are five reading per week. The reading plan starts with Week 1 so you can begin any time of the year.

Pray daily using the book Common Prayer: A Liturgy for Ordinary Radicals.

This daily guided prayer is available as a book, e-book, and app. The daily readings are for morning and evening along with sayings and writings from Christians throughout history. This prayer guide can be used individually, with your family or in your small group. Join one of our study, dinner or justice groups. When we make connections and relationships with others, we grow deeper in our relationship with God. One of our core values is vulnerability and authenticity – these values are clearly revealed when we get to know each other over time and through repetition. Small groups are where we get to live out our values and see them develop in us.

Start a family gratitude ritual.

In your homes, with your friend groups, or in your dorms, create a ritual to share and express gratitude. Light a candle at dinner, share with God what you are thankful for at bedtime, name the places you are grateful for as you walk the dog. Find a way to make a routine part of your day sacred by inviting God into it.

This month, embrace the mystery of dreams, lean into visions for the year that God gives you, and use the gifts of God to see where God is leading you and leading our community into the coming year.

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