Lent is the 40-day season the church gives us each year to really focus on who God is to us and who we are to God.

It’s a time where we embrace minimalism – we get rid of the excess so we can see with new clarity where God is inviting us to move. We follow Jesus’ life closely in this season, because in him we see God more clearly. It’s a time to let the small, simple practices of following Jesus grow something new in us. 

This season, we are looking at individual spiritual practices that keep us together as a community: reading the Bible, praying, giving, fasting and acts of justice and mercy. Picking one (or more – you decide!) of these practices to focus on this season will help us grow more deeply into our relationship with God and with each other. In a time of darkness and wilderness, God does God’s best work at bringing new life. 

Daily Prayers

Morning Prayer

Oh God,
feet on the ground, palms open,
to receive, to give, to share life and breath,
to meet You meeting me, again today. Amen.

Blessing for Food and Meals

Oh God, 
For this food, for this time, 
For the care you give, 
I say thank you. Amen.


Oh God,
body slowing, enough done;
reviewing and letting go,
You accept, You cherish, You give rest. Amen. 

Reading the Bible

  • Read one chapter a day of the Gospel of Luke starting February 17 (skip Sundays)
  • Read one chapter a day of the Gospel of Mark starting March 17 (skip Sundays)



Forego one meal/treat/luxury/habit for 40 days and replace with prayer, meditation or Bible reading


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