A few weeks ago, our leadership team met for a few hours to go over the work of our strategic planning team, dream about and plan the future, and, always, eat together. At the beginning and end of our gathering, we sang. Since we started meeting a little more than two years ago, the people on our launch team and then leadership team began every meeting by worshiping God. Our format may change but our worship always includes singing with a guitar, reading scripture, and praying together. From the start of our community, worship has been the center of who we are and what we do. The most powerful moments of my spiritual life have taken place as we sing old words to new tunes led by a guitar in a living room. The same words and same songs sung by myself have meaning, of course. But the power comes when we are all focused on who God is, gratitude for what God is doing, and orienting our whole selves around the Good News of Jesus. 

In worship last week we kicked off our new worship series—Begin (again). For the next five weeks we will focus on shared practices that teach us who we are as individuals and as a community in Jesus. We focused yesterday on the power of shared worship; when we gather together to worship God, we see the diversity of God’s community and we share the power of the Holy Spirit. Our goal for this practice is to attend Sunday worship every week unless we are out of town or sick. Check out the practices and goals using our online resource here. Challenge yourself for these next five weeks to worship together – we’ve got powerful stories, creative worship, and new music ready for you! 

We’re expanding

We also announced yesterday an exciting expansion of our Two Rivers community—Sunday evening worship! Beginning in November, we will expand our worship offerings to include two additional Sunday worship services every month. We are still finalizing the details for our location but this worship experience will include singing, an interactive message, communion and prayer. Cody Smoldt will move from Sunday mornings to lead the music for this new expansion, and Stanton Adams will step into the Sunday morning music worship leadership role. Look for more details in the coming weeks.

Being a Good Neighbor

This week, we get to be good neighbors with Halloween on Thursday night! On Halloween, I’ll dress up and sit our front yard with candy, non-food treats for kids with allergies, and canned sodas and water for adults. Embrace this holiday—it’s the one time of year we can knock on our neighbors’ door and get stuff for free! Find a way to connect with a new neighbor as you trick or treat or pass out candy this year.

I can’t wait to see you on Sunday as we experience week 2 of Begin (again). This week we will look at the practice of growing our faith through prayer, scripture reading and small groups. It’s not too late to find a weekly or monthly group to join—check out our group offerings here to see where you can connect. Every Sunday, we are growing—new people are visiting us, relationships with God are developing, friendships are deepening. God is up to something powerful and new here at Two Rivers—invite a friend to join us!

Peace be with you, friend,



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