Star Words are a way for us to connect to God in unique ways throughout the year. Just as the Magi looked to the star and followed it on a journey to Jesus, a star word can serve as a guide, a touchstone or a conversation partner as we take the journey through 2022.

We like to say, “Let the word choose you.” When you get your word, don’t discard it or get a new one if you don’t like it. Sit with it, ponder it, look up its definition, talk to a friend about it. See what God might be saying to you or leading you to with it.

You can keep your star word before you in many ways! Make it your phone’s backdrop. Write it in a dry-erase marker on your mirror. Create a craft or digital image with it. Find a unique and creative way to display your word so you remember it all year long. Share it with us by tagging @TwoRiversCHS and using the hashtag #StarWord2022.

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