Did the time change throw you off, too, this weekend? I woke up on Sunday at 4 a.m.—an hour earlier than my usual alarm. My body knew it was time to get up but I was so comfortable in the dark, a tower of blankets keeping me warm, the dog snoring in the background. I reached for my phone and after mindlessly scrolling Instagram and Facebook, I opened the Common Prayer app. I admit I don’t always want to pray first thing in the morning. Sometimes I’m too tired; other times I get sucked into social media vortex and run late; other times, I’m just not “feeling” a connection to God. But this is precisely why we want to commit to practices to help us grow as followers of Jesus—the habits and practices of prayer, reading the Bible and spending time in small groups form us even when we don’t want to do them. When we keep showing up to God, God shows up to us.

Looking back at Sunday

Sunday in worship we talked about how the practices of praying, reading scripture and meeting with other followers of Jesus grow our connection to God and to each other. Those practices are ways that we communicate with God—we hear from God and God hears from us. Our goals for this week are to pray daily (I challenged us to set two timers on our phones to pray for our community every day); read the Bible every day (check out commonprayer.net or our 365 day reading plan for some reading suggestions) and join a study, dinner or solidarity group. Commit this week to these goals for growth—check our social media accounts for more suggestions all week long.

Refugee solidarity

Sunday afternoon our Refugee solidarity group held our first Free Laundry Day for our Spanish-speaking neighbors who are here seeking asylum or as refugees. We gave out $230 of quarters, 30 baskets of cleaning supplies, 100 children’s books, and helped connect several children who recently arrived to this country to school registration. This solidarity group has more events planned for the rest of the year—check out their Facebook group. As we continue Begin (again) this Sunday, we’ll talk more about the practice of solidarity—coming alongside our friends and neighbors as partners in their lives.

Creating circles of trust in the lives of children

We highly value children and their families in the life of our congregation. Eight-year-old Moses Blom and his family shared a song in worship this week as part of their story of what God is doing in their life. Next Sunday, November 10, at noon we will gather at Paxton Point Hope apartment complex to learn how to protect and care those most vulnerable among us. Everyone is welcome to hear a presentation from the Rev. LeAnn Gardner, an expert in child safety, on creating circles of trust in the lives of children. Lunch will be provided.

Friends, this community is so special—few places exist where children are valued, LGBTQIA+ people are lifted up and welcomed, we commit to racial justice and anti-racism, and the Good News of Jesus is shared. I love this community and each of you! Invite someone to worship on Sunday who needs to experience this community as well.


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