What is a tithe?

Scripture encourages giving to God a “first fruits” offering–in an agricultural world, this meant taking the first 10 percent of your crop or yield and offering it to God. The people gave God their first harvest, trusting God would  provide what they needed as the season went on. Giving God a percentage of our income is a way we begin to trust and rely on God more deeply.

Getting started with tithing

STEP ONE: Pick a percentage of your income God is inviting you to give. Start at a percentage that feels like a stretch. Use the tithe step chart below to visualize what giving a tithe would look like relative to your weekly household income.

Weekly Income1%2%3%4%5%6%7%8%9%10%12%15%

STEP TWO: Set up a recurring donation through our online giving portal for a weekly donation in the amount you would like to tithe. By setting up a recurring gift, your tithe becomes an act of trust and affirmation of God’s goodness.