Worship environment

Our worship space is casual (we meet in a high school cafeteria, after all), so feel free to come as you are. We serve coffee and light refreshments before, during, and after worship. You can expect to hear an eclectic selection of music–we sing hymns, modern Christian music, and secular music in our services.

Our values

Five core values shape our community—we are authentic, inclusive, vulnerable, creative, and beautiful. Our Sunday morning worship reflects these values because they flow from our commitment to live in the way of Jesus.

Family-friendly worship

We welcome children as full participants in worship. You will never be asked to take your child to a space that is separate from you. We have coloring books, pages, and quiet toys available for children to play with in the worship space.

Some children and parents prefer a separate space where their children can learn on a personalized level. We offer programming in children’s spiritual formation rooms to meet that need as well.

Celebrating at the table

Every week we celebrate Holy Communion, a time when we remember how, on the night before he died, Jesus took ordinary gifts of bread and wine and prayed that when his friends shared them with one another in future they would remember how he gave himself for us.

The communion table does not belong to our church, but to Jesus. Everyone is welcome to come to the table–there are no boundaries based on age, church membership, baptism or otherwise.

When we share communion, we invite God’s Spirit to make us one with Jesus and one with each other as we serve the world with boldness and love.

What if I’m running late?

Life doesn’t run on a perfect schedule, so we don’t expect you to either. We’ll have a seat waiting for you when you arrive.